“Today In” Feature Showcases Local Content on Facebook

Have you heard of the “Today In” feature on Facebook? This new section in the mobile app is an attempt to connect people to local news and information. The feature is still currently in its testing phase, but has been made available to citizens in over 100 cities. Those who have access to this tool and opt-in will see content curated by Facebook that is relevant to their geographical location. This content may come from news outlets, government agencies, businesses and citizens. 

Agencies don’t directly contribute to the “Today In” feed, but if your city is in the testing stages, you may see some of your content pulled in. See if your city has been rolled out on the feature by opening your app, tapping the ‘hamburger’ menu (☰), and seeing if “Today In” is an option. If it’s there, you can opt-in to receive updates in your newsfeed.

According to Facebook, people can expect to see content like city council meetings, crime reports, weather and traffic updates, school closings, restaurant openings and more.

The goal of “Today In” is to be an avenue for citizens to view and interact with content that impacts their community and potentially government agency news, events and campaigns. If this tool has launched in your area, let us know your experience! Reach out to us in the GSMO Facebook group or email me at brittany@governmentsocialmedia.com.


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