Citizen Say What? Moving Government Responsiveness Forward in the Age of Social Media

Picture depicting a man doing 'social listening'

  People talk. People ask questions. People sometimes kick, scream, curse and kung fu karate chop complain until the sun comes up. And that’s just in person. Add a sitting duck government profile and the comforting curtain of perceived social media facelessness to the equation, and you’ve got a recipe ripe for dishing out some … Read more

Newsjacking in #SocialGov

Breaking news – the most challenging news to cover for a journalist, and possibly the most challenging news to handle for a government agency. In a world where news not only breaks fast, it breaks often, agencies can find themselves scrambling to stay above the fray and disseminate accurate information in a timely manner. And … Read more

10 Must-Haves for an Effective Government Social Media Policy

An effective social media policy protects your agency while encouraging employee advocacy through: transparency, education, and empowerment. First, your social media policy must be transparent, clearly laying out the acceptable use of social media for agency business as well as how personal social media accounts are affected. After the rules of engagement have been established, … Read more

Study: Two-Way Twitter Engagement Boosts Followers

Are you working to justify a new social media position in your department? With ever-tightening budgets, this can be a nearly-insurmountable task. And though many so-called social media “experts” laud the benefits of a two-way communication strategy, there’s remarkably little quantifiable evidence out there that agencies can use to justify a new position or spending … Read more