New Year’s Resolutions for SocialGov

Get Those SocialGov Resolutions Going in the New Year
A new year, a new you, right? Every year, we make resolutions that will improve our daily lives. But, more often than not, we trail off and before long, our resolutions are long forgotten. But this year, your resolutions with regard to your social media strategy may be the make-it-or-break-it changes for your agency.

What are some things that your agency should do, or could do, to rise above in the socialgov sphere in 2018?

Facebook: The Future Is Now

  • It’s no secret that Facebook is trending more into the augmented and virtual reality realms. This is the year to embrace their efforts. Your resolution should be to play with and feature more 360 photos and video. See how you can showcase your agency in a new way.

  • Video is a no longer an option, it’s a necessity. With Facebook launching its own Sound Collection of free audio tracks and sound effects, and with its launch of Facebook Watch, it’s now or never when it comes to joining in on using video to educate and engage with your followers. Your resolution should be to fully incorporate video messaging into your social media strategy, aiming to produce and publish a quality video on particularly this platform at least once a month.

Twitter: Brevity is the Soul of Wit

  • Though we’ve had double the amount of characters to tell our stories for a few months now, it’s time to take a hard look at how people are engaging with 280 characters. Your resolution should be to focus on keeping things short and sweet, and to let images and videos tell the real story on Twitter. Your rewards will pay off more in how long folks stay on your page and engage with your content.

Instagram: Hashtag Heaven

  • With Instagram now allowing folks to follow hashtags, trending topics are going to be extremely timely for those who use this platform, particularly those who use it market and brand their agency. With Instagram and its primary competition Snapchat vying for the top spot in terms of user growth, hashtags are going to play an integral part in how your agency compares with others in terms of who engages with you and why. Your resolution should be to be relevant. Use hashtags to your advantage to engage with followers who are more likely to follow trending topics.

  • Instagram Stories are not entirely new, but this is the year to dive into using them as a primary way to highlight behind-the-scenes opportunities at your agency. Your resolution should be to use them to showcase people you work with, projects you work on, and what life is like at your agency.

Snapchat: Search for Yourself

  • As Snapchat continues to battle it out with Instagram, prepare yourself for what the tech company has called a “simpler” platform. So for those of you who are hesitant about wading into a newer, consistently-changing platform that caters primarily to your youngest audiences, now’s the time to try it! Your resolution should be to try this platform, and to see how you can personalize it to share information from your agency. You have a lot of creative freedom on Snapchat, including even animated Bitmojis (animated images of you or someone in your agency) so see what’s there!
  • Snapchat has said they will be making it a much easier and a more personal experience when looking for videos featured in their “Discover” section, which means you have the potential to truly capture your audience’s attention IF you create content that is sharable and that others act on. Your resolution should be to create video content specifically for the Snapchat platform to have a more individualized or exclusive experience for your followers.

Remember, a social media strategy that makes you social and relatable will not only help you elevate your socialgov standing in 2018, it will set you up for success in years to come. The more you can do this year to make your mark where it counts on social media, the more you will be prepared and ready to go when new changes and platforms arise.

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