LinkedIn Company Pages Get a Facelift

LinkedIn announced a major upgrade last week to their “company pages” features, now called simply “pages”. These upgrades include increased functionality for admins using the mobile app, ability to associate pages with hashtags, add and share documents and more easily publish content from Hootsuite.

Admins for government LinkedIn pages can now more easily manage their pages on the go from the existing LinkedIn mobile app. Functions such as posting updates and responding to comments using the app had been limited in the past. Open the app and navigate to your agency’s page to begin interacting.

LinkedIn also announced that pages can have associated hashtags that allow admins to track conversations relevant to their government page and join in the conversation. They announced new capabilities for admins to share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and PDFs that should make sharing resources with citizens and other agencies much easier.

Another added feature is allowing admins to share content that mentions your page. This gives government admins the ability to curate content from other sources, for instance, a news story about your agency’s involvement in the community, or a citizen’s positive experience.

LinkedIn has unveiled enhanced integration with outside publishing tools such as Hootsuite, making it easier for admins to manage social media accounts in one centralized place. LinkedIn has recently partnered with Crunchbase with the goal of making LinkedIn’s insights more comprehensive and meaningful to the admins who manage them.

These enhancements have the potential to make managing government accounts easier for social media managers and contributors looking to maximize page engagement on LinkedIn. Read more about LinkedIn’s newest page upgrades from the source and let us know if you think these new features will impact the way you manage your agency’s presence on LinkedIn.

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