GSMO Member Network Launches

During GSMCON in Reno last spring, I made an announcement that we were in the process of creating a member network for government social media managers. I am extremely excited to finally unveil GSMO to you!


Acronyms are never easy to say, so we’re pronouncing it gĭzmō (as in the adorable little Mogwai). Say it to yourself a few times and it’ll stick.

Those of us early-adopters who experimented with setting our agencies up on social networks back in 2006/2007 (some of you even earlier) know what it’s like to blaze the trail. Today, with so many new networks and strategy sophistication across the board, the value of collaborating with your peers and discovering what works – is immeasurable.

We’re starting off by offering GSMO as a service of Government Social Media LLC. We want you to help us shape the network through your participation and guidance. We look to your recommendations for how GSMO might evolve in the future – as a nonprofit or as a service of private industry.

Please give us constant feedback so we can improve and evolve this network to be your most trusted learning and collaboration resource for social media. I look forward to seeing you in the forums!

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