‘Serving together’: GSMO Council roles expand

Members of the Government Social Media Organization voted for Leadership Council representatives last year to serve the organization. Now, these volunteers are taking on expanded roles within the Council to champion new projects and help execute the organization’s vision. 

This advisory group has evolved since the inception of the organization in 2015. The current Council members were elected by members to represent six regions within the United States and serve two-year terms, ending in October 2020. 

We’re happy to announce that the Council will now take on the following roles:  

  • President – Chris Hsiung (West Region)
  • Vice-President – Nick Smith (Northeast Region)
  • Membership Chair – Jay Socol (Southwest Region)
  • Education Chair – Mary McGuire (Southeast Region)
  • Communication Chair – Warren Kagarise (Northwest Region)
  • Award Program Chair – Jessie Brown (Midwest Region)

“It was a great honor to be chosen for this role and even better, it’s incredibly exciting to serve alongside such well respected colleagues from across the country. The talent and ideas flowing from this team have been phenomenal and we’re all looking forward to serving together for the betterment of our profession.”

President Hsiung

What will the Council do in these new leadership positions? Learn more below. 

Chris Hsiung

President  Chris Hsiung

As President, Chris will work to ensure Council projects align with the purpose, vision and values of the organization. He will lead Council meetings and serve as an advisor to the Executive Director.

Nick Smith

Vice-President Nick Smith

The Vice-President is a key role designed to support the operational success of GSMO by keeping track of action items, Council recommendations and ensuring that projects have a champion. 

Jay Socol

Membership Chair Jay Socol

The Membership Chair position was created to serve as an advocate for members and to recommend strategies for adding membership value. Jay will lead a Member Ambassador program, monitor member satisfaction and curate your stories on accomplishments, wins and recognition.

Mary McGuire

Education Chair Mary McGuire

It has long been a goal of GSMO leadership to evaluate the potential of a government social media certification program and become more involved in addressing standards and best practice recommendations in this space. As the Education Chair, Mary will champion this vision for meeting the educational needs of social media practitioners in government.

Warren Kagarise

Communication Chair Warren Kagarise

The Communication Chair role was conceived to take the lead on ensuring open and plentiful communication and content between GSMO and members. Warren will also work with the Council to establish open communication with the major social networks and platforms in order to facilitate discussion of issues on behalf of GSMO.

Jessie Brown

Award Program Chair Jessie Brown

The revamped Golden Post Awards program for 2020 will get major support with the new Award Program Chair position. Jessie was appointed to fill the vacant midwest region seat and will work to recognize the impact, success and professionalism of individuals and agencies in this growing field.

We want to thank the Leadership Council for agreeing to expand their roles! We support an amazing community and all members are encouraged to reach out to their regional Council representative to learn how they can contribute to GSMO.

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