GSM Membership rebrand, free year and more

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We are rebranding the Government Social Media Organization so that members will become a part of our more widely known brand, Government Social Media. This change will be marked by a new membership website that will combine and and will also house a centralized COVID-19 SocialGov Hub, available soon.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we were developing a new membership website and planning to combine the GSMO and GSM brands. We’re now expediting the launch of this platform so government social media professionals can communicate with peers, get support and more during these difficult times. As a GSM member, you’ll also have access to this COVID-19 SocialGov Hub, and down the line, additional member-only features once we complete the transition.

As part of the rebranded Government Social Media membership, you’ll receive:

  • One free year of membership (added on to your renewal date).
  • Entry to the COVID-19 SocialGov Hub with collaborative tools and organized content to help support your agency. This will be a free resource for any government agency.
  • Member-only features on the new website in the near future.

Additional details will be coming to you soon on how you can get access to the Hub and more info on member-only areas on the new site. For now, please see some additional information below, and we’ll post all the details once the new membership site officially launches.

Why is this rebrand happening now?

We are rebranding our community to Government Social Media membership now so that you’ll be able to best connect with each other on the new platform that will also house the COVID-19 SocialGov Hub. You’ll receive details soon on how to access your new membership account and connect with other government social media professionals.

Will my membership be the same as it is on the site?

Your membership will be enhanced, as there will be more features available on member-only areas of the new website. Additionally, you’ll get access to the free COVID-19 SocialGov Hub for government agencies.

What if I just renewed my membership?

Your free one-year of membership will be extended from your last renewal date. For example, if you renewed on March 26, 2020, your next renewal date would have been March 26, 2021, but will now be extended to March 26, 2022.

I’m a current member, but I haven’t renewed my membership yet this year. Will this free one-year membership start on a certain date?

Your membership will be automatically extended for an additional year at no cost. For example, if your current renewal date is April 20, 2020, your next renewal date would be April 20, 2021.

I’m a current member, and my renewal will be up in less than a year. Will this free one-year membership start now or start from my renewal date?

Your membership will be automatically extended for an additional year from your current renewal date. For example, if your current renewal date is currently Sept. 20, 2020, your next renewal date will be extended to Sept. 20, 2021.

Will the Council still exist with this change?  

Yes! The Government Social Media Membership Council continues to serve our community and much more. We’ll be unveiling a membership guidebook and additional guidance when the new membership website is launched, including many ways to collaborate with the Council.

Please reach out to us at if you have any other questions. Thank you!