Easy Tips to Increase Your Social Numbers

There is a lot for government agencies to think about when it comes to social media. Here are some easy tips to get your social media numbers headed in the right direction.

  • Study the trends of post reach on Facebook and understand that your words matter. Posts that ask questions or try to get users to complete an action are likely to have a lower reach because Facebook wants you to advertise those posts.
  • Post multiple times a day, but spread it out. If you post something on Facebook, and then immediately post something else, the likelihood that the first post will reach a lot of followers is low.
  • If you’re not utilizing LIVE video, you’re behind. Live video is where the audience is. Because of Facebook’s algorithms, your live video will reach more users than a recorded video or plain post.
  • Every post should have a visual. On Facebook and Twitter, make sure to include graphics or videos with your post. If you’re lucky enough to have the post land on someone’s timeline, the visual will most likely catch their eye as they’re scrolling, versus a plain text post.
  • Hashtags work and they don’t. Use hashtags frequently on Twitter and Instagram, but not so much on Facebook.
  • Social advertising works on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t be afraid to advertise on social media because you get so much more for your money than traditional advertising. You can use this tool to build your base and so much more. Stay away from Twitter ads though, they haven’t proven to be successful.
  • Your social brand is important. You’re social media page and posts should have a consistent feel. Pick a profile picture and stick with it. Create graphics that match your brand and use them for various posts.
  • Don’t be afraid to use humor. People on social media love humor and are more than willing to share humorous posts.
  • Study what works and repeat it. Find out what posts work well and push more of those posts out. That will help build your base of followers and get people interested.

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