Easy Social Media Posts That Can Have An Impact

Planning social media content doesn’t have to be a hard task. In fact, there are a number of simple ideas that can pay dividends in the social media insights category.

Here are a few post ideas that take very little time:

Lunch Photographer
Ever walk downtown for lunch? Next time, take some photos of the buildings on your journey. Then when you’re waiting for your food, throw some filters on them and upload the shots to Instagram. This is a great way to showcase the pretty buildings in your area to an audience that probably likes that sort of thing.

Nice Day for a Facebook Live Shot
Live videos don’t always have to have action shots or people talking. On a pretty day, walk to a park or nice spot in town and broadcast the scenery. After about two minutes, stop the recording and head back to the office. By the time you get back the video will probably have a bunch of likes, comments, and shares. People love to say “hey that’s my town!” or “What a pretty day in …”

Mondays and Fridays
Being able to schedule posts on Facebook is a great feature. On Mondays around 6 a.m., try scheduling a post with a graphic that says “Good morning, have a great week!” On Fridays around 5 p.m., schedule a post with something like “It’s 5 p.m.” The graphic can be a pretty shot of your area with the words “Have a great weekend!” Little things like this will make your followers feel good and generate some interaction along the way.

Try one or two of these ideas. If the results are positive, incorporate them into your content calendar.

Do you have other easy post ideas? Add them in comment section below!

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