GSMO has recently defined a process for elections for the GSMO Leadership Council in its Operations Plan (pdf). Here is an excerpt from the plan regarding the elections process.

Term​. The regular term of the Leadership Council is two (2) years, from November of
even years through the end of the second October.

Positions​. Each of six (6) membership regions will be represented by one member elected to serve on the Leadership Council.

Eligibility​. Nominees must be GSMO members in good standing for at least one year prior to the election and must work within the boundaries of the region they are running to represent. Immediate past GSMO Council members are ineligible to run in the election cycle immediately following their term.

Nominations​. Any member meeting the eligibility qualifications may nominate himself or herself during the nomination period (in October of every even year) using the process defined in communications to members.

Voting​. Voting will be held in October of every even year. All active GSMO members get one (1) vote in the election and may only vote for a representative of his or her own membership region. Nominations will conclude before the balloting period begins and voting will take place via electronic ballot.