GSMO Leadership Council

Six GSMO members make up the Leadership Council – each representing one of six geographic regions of the United States. GSMO members within each region elect a Leadership Council representative to serve their region for a term of two years. Our updated GSMO Operations Plan (pdf) now includes details about elections.

GSMO Regional Map
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Leadership Council Responsibilities

  • Support the strategic direction of GSMO by serving as a resource for members for information and networking
  • Commit to working with and establishing a rapport with major social media platforms
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director to promote diversity and an inclusive environment within the organization
  • Communicate with their respective regional members and assist in organizing regional meetups and activities
  • Serve on various committees
  • Participate in Leadership Council meetings
  • Support GSMO recruitment efforts and professional development opportunities in their region

Leadership Council Code of Conduct

The following items will apply to the Leadership Council in addition to the Member Code of Conduct.

  • The Leadership Council serves by representing the best interests of GSMO and its member network in the field of social media in government.
  • The Leadership Council should not represent that their personal opinions online or offline are officially on behalf of GSMO.
  • The Leadership Council agrees not to disclose any private information such as membership information, operational data or any explicitly private information.