Instagram Releases Needed Accessibility Features

hand holding mobile device displaying instagram photos

Accessibility is an important factor to consider when you work in government communications. Sharing messages that are accessible to your entire community allows you to broaden your audience, communicate more effectively and stay in compliance with accessibility laws. On November 28, 2018, Instagram announced improvements to accessibility features that will support better inclusion of members … Read more

LinkedIn Company Pages Get a Facelift

LinkedIn announced a major upgrade last week to their “company pages” features, now called simply “pages”. These upgrades include increased functionality for admins using the mobile app, ability to associate pages with hashtags, add and share documents and more easily publish content from Hootsuite. Admins for government LinkedIn pages can now more easily manage their … Read more

Citizen Say What? Moving Government Responsiveness Forward in the Age of Social Media

Picture depicting a man doing 'social listening'

  People talk. People ask questions. People sometimes kick, scream, curse and kung fu karate chop complain until the sun comes up. And that’s just in person. Add a sitting duck government profile and the comforting curtain of perceived social media facelessness to the equation, and you’ve got a recipe ripe for dishing out some … Read more